With the building of the Ladybower Reservoir, adjacent to Howden Resenoir, the villages of Derwent and Ashopton were completely submerged. The packhorse bridge which once linked Derwent and Hope Woodlands was re-erected at Slippery Stones in memory of the late John Derry, editor of the 'Sheffield Independent' and a writer on Derbyshire. Hursthead Cote (1,280 ft), Crook Hill, Ouzelden Clough, are all on the westem side of the Derwent Reservoir and can be reached by footpaths from the Glossop-Sheffield road. Back Tor (1,765 ft), Dovestone Tor (1,656 ft), and White Tor (1,599 ft), are the highest points of Derwent Edge and a track from the Glossop-Sheffeld road runs along the ridge. These dams were used by Dr. Barnes Wallis and his team to test his bouncing bomb and the film 'The Dam Busters' telling this interesting story was shot here. Near Derwent Reservoir is a monument to 'tip' a sheepdog bitch who for 15 weeks guarded the dead body of her master who died in a blizzard.

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