Matlock Bath

Matlock Bath been compared with Switzerland. It has been praised by Byron, Ruskin and other celebrities. A popular resort for generations, today few places of similar size have so much to offer.

Some yeas ago the road and river in the centre of Matlock Bath were separated by a row of old buildings, but road improvements (which earned a Civic Award) have opened up the river front, and there is now an attractive riverside walk along the whole length of the South and North Parades.

At the time of writing the famous 'Petrifying Well' is dosed to the public and its future uncertain but there is a good aquarium.

On the opposite side of the river are the luxuriant Lovers' Walks: a riverside walk nanked by winding hillside paths climbing up the limestone cliffs, far above the river, from which wonderful views can be seen of the quaint town built on the steep slopes of Masson Hill. The Lovers' Walks can be reached either by crossing over the Jubilee Bridge or by using the handsome bridge in the Derwent Gardens.

The Derwent Gardens are the focal point of the annual Illuminations, which from August to October provide a special and popular attraction, particularly when, at weekends, on 'Venetian Nights', the illuminated boats parade up and down the river.

The Peak District Mining Museum, housed in the Pavilion alongside the Tourist Information Office, has exhibits and displays illustrating 2,000 years of lead mining in the Peak. The future location of this impressive and important Museum is, at the time of writing, uncertain, as is the Pavilion itself Gulliver's Kingdom is a very popular attraction with many exciting experiences for children. Gulliver's Kingdom is off Temple Road, across the A6 from the Pavilion.

Also on Temple Road, Matlock Bath Model Railway Museum and Exhibition presents model landscape vistas including railway lines of bygone days, with working trains of period design operating on an elaborate automatic system. The landscapes are complete to the smallest detail. To most visitors the major attraction of the Matlocks is the beauq of the hills and dales; there are many glorious views to be found - from the Black Rocks, from the Wishing Stone, from Farley Lane, from Darley Hillside, from Salters Lane - all these and many others have their devotees. And beyond the district boundaries, but within easy reach, are many famous and historic houses, prehistoric remains and places of ancient custom, and above all, the countryside which became the first of the National Parks.

Open: All Year