The Roaches

The Roaches and Back Forest, with the mysterious depths of Lud's Church, those strangest of naturalized English creatures - the wallabies - and one of the highest gritstone outcrops in the Peak, form a microcosm of all that is best in this area. Moorland and gritstone, heather and billberries, the call of the lark overhead, remind one of the quiet beauty of the northern moors. Yet the Roaches are so close to the road that on summer evenings the crags are busy with climbers enjoying some of the longest climbs in the Peak.

The Roaches are divided into two distinct bands of rock. Into the base of the lower tier has been built the Gameskeeper's Cottage, embowered in trees; to its left stone steps lead up to the more level ground which flanks the upper tier. Of this the titanic slab of the Sloth, with its gigantic overhang, is the most fantastic feature.

Open: Every Day of the Year