An ancient upland village in the midst of fine limestone scenery. Youlgreave (often spelt as it is pronounced Youlgrave) is perched on the edge of Bradford Dale and quite close to the lovely Lathkill Dale. The church has some fine Norman work and a beautiful table tomb with an effigy of Thomas Cockayne. The stained glass is by Kempe with the exception of the east windows which are the work of William Morris and Burne-Jones. There is an aisle dedicated, at the behest of H. S. Wheatly-Crowe, the well-known protagonist of Charles I, to the Martyr King. The banner he presented to the church in 1904 is now displayed in the aisle, and he is buried in the churchyard.

A village of distinct character, it forms an ideal setting for the old custom of Well-Dressing and a ceremony is held on the Saturday before the nearest Sunday to St. John the Baptist's Day, when a procession threads through the village led by the uniformed brass band.

Open: All Year