Estimated Distance: 6 miles ---- Estimated Time: 3 hours ---- Grading: Quite Strenuous
Food & Drink: Glossop
---- Parking: Glossop or considerate parking on Shepley Street, Old Glossop
How to Get There - Map Section
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At the end of Shepley Street is a broad track; follow this, walking alongside Shelf Brook. Do not cross the footbridge; continue ahead, past the farm building, to a gate. Do not go through this gate, but look for the ladder stile, to your left. Cross this and ascend to another stile. Cross this to enter open country.

Follow the rising path to another stile, beyond which the path eases, eventually levelling out to offer a superb ramble above Yellowslacks. Although the path is not always obvious, navigation is hardly a problem; your goal is the gully ahead, the watercourse of Yellowslacks Brook.

On approaching the gully you will see a fence (in need of repair); follow the fence and the continuing path down to Dowstone Clough; continue by the streambed, which soon veers south (right, as you walk alongside). A little concentration is required here, as the path ahead is occasionally 'lost' in the peat groughs.

If you are unfamiliar with the coarse art of 'bogtrotting', do not panic. Simply pick your way south until the yellow trig pillar can be seen; this stands amongst the Higher Shelf Stones, pause a while and absorb some of the magnificent views (weather permitting, of course.)

If you are inclined, a little exploration may be undertaken: a few yards north-east of the trig pillar can be found the remains of a Super Fortress aircraft which ploughed into the hill after the Second World War. This is one of several crash sites, which are dotted around the Dark Peak moors. From Higher Shelf Stones, descend the grassy slope heading south; ahead can be seen the top of Snake Pass, barely a mile away. The clearly visible path crossing Coldharbour Moor is Doctor's Gate, descend the grassy slope between Higher Shelf and Lower Shelf Stones and continue on into White Clough; at the bottom, cross Shelf Brook (merely a stream) and branch right. A narrow path climbs the steep bank ahead, to bring you onto Doctor's Gate path; your brief period of navigational insecurity is now over, and an enjoyable return to Glossop is in store.

Continue along Doctor's Gate; initially, the course of Shelf Brook is on your right, but soon you cross the brook and your return to Glossop is made with the brook on your left.

Beyond the gate and stile is a footpath junction; take the right-hand bridge and continue along the track to the Shepley Street track; return to Old Glossop via Shepley Street.