Estimated Distance: 6.5 miles ---- Estimated Time: 3.5 hours ---- Grading: Good Exercise
Food & Drink: In Tideswell , D's Brew Stop (Cressbrook), the Muddy Boots Tea Room (Litton Mill)
---- Parking: Carefully on the main street in Tideswell
How to Get There - Map Section
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After parking in Tideswell look for the Public Footpath sign below the post Office. Go up the steps then left along the track at the top. Enjoy the view of Tideswell's rooftops and its impressive church. On reaching the metalled road turn right, and walk about 3/4 mile to the village Litton.

Walk through the village almost to the other side and look for the Public Footpath sign to Wardlow. The stile is at the right-hand corner of a house; go over and head diagonally across the field. Turn left onto a track for about 10 yards then climb another stile on your right.

Cross this field rounding two wall corners to another stile. Head downhill passing the National Nature Reserve sign, you are now entering Tansley Dale. Walk to the bottom of this dale to where it meets Cressbrook Dale. Take the path to the right which begins to climb, giving some fine views of the surrounding area.

Aim for the wall at the top of the veering slightly to the right then follow the path downhill through the woodland. Cross the footbridge, keep on the level path, which takes you past Ravensdale Cottages. Look out for the climbers on the craggs above. A metalled road leads first up then down into Cressbrook.

The path you need, passes through the yard of Cressbrook Mill on your right. The mill, derelict for many years but now at last being restored, was built originally for Richard Arkwright, the great industrialist. It seems that the workers here were well treated by the standards of the day. Beyond the mill is D's Brew Stop.

After D's there is a concessionary path to the right which leads you to Litton Mill through the steep-sided, wooded valley of Water-cum-jolly Dale and Miller Dale. Should this path be impassable due to flooding, or if you prefer a higher level walk, then take the path to the left. Cross the weir and climb up to the Monsal Trail sign, take the path to the right. (This path is not a definitive right of way but is well used by walkers).

Follow the clear path. As it climbs above the valley enjoy some excellent views, you should also spot the line of the disused railway below. When you can see Litton Mill, you drop down to a second section of the disused railway. The path here is less clear so take care. Turn left for a few yards on the old track then a path leads down to the river and a footbridge over into Litton Mill. Turn left here.

In contrast to Cressbrook Mill, the workers at Litton Mill had a very hard time. Orphans and other destitutes were employed in virtual slave labour. Walk out of Litton Mill along the road past the Muddy Boots Tea Room. Take the path on the right just before the small car park at the side of the road. This is Tideswell Dale.

Follow the clear path, cross the footbridge then turn left walking up the main valley. Walk through the car park and along a path lined with beech trees. Cross the main road and walk along the pavement for about 50 yards. Just past the Water Board property take the footpath to the left. Go uphill slightly then bear to the right, eventually emerging onto a farm track. Turn right on this track which will lead you back into Tideswell.